Xirrus and UCOPIA are partnering to deliver solutions for secure and guest Internet access for public area & enterprise deployments. UCOPIA Communications develops & markets the best solutions to enable secure & seamless access to mobile users on wireless or wired networks. UCOPIA’s solutions enhance the guest experience and provide management controls all without disrupting existing infrastructure and processes. With UCOPIA, organizations delivering network connectivity, can operate the service at minimal cost (provisioning, monitoring) and also can generate extra revenues (billing) while complying to legal obligations.

Benefits include:

  • Fully customizable Captive Portal using a web editor
  • Simplified integration with the LAN and easier administration
  • Complete reporting solution
  • Simple user authentication with Zero-configuration mechanisms
  • Scalable solution for many thousands of concurrent connected users

About UCOPIA Communications

UCOPIA develops and markets a full range of scalable solutions to enable secure & seamless access to mobile users on wireless or wired networks. UCOPIA solutions currently serve more than 6000 small to large organizations (hotels, universities, hospitals, public organizations, enterprises, large venues etc.). UCOPIA Communications sells its solutions and services worldwide through a network of integrators, network specialists and security experts, as well as vertical market specialists in hospitality, education and small and large enterprises. Thanks to the expertise of these partners, UCOPIA can help and support its customers, whatever their industry sector and project complexity. http://www.ucopia.com