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Xirrus provides the only enterprise Wi-Fi networks specifically designed for the real-time demands of an all-wireless world. Xirrus’ cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions are scalable, future proof, easy to use and provide application control, which makes Xirrus the obvious choice for small, medium, or large-scale Wi-Fi networks.

Xirrus’ unique network architecture can scale to double and quadruple the number of users, without performance impact or the need for additional wiring and access points. And it’s designed to evolve with the changes in Wi-Fi technology and standards, so you won’t need to replace your Xirrus network, even after a decade of use.


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Xirrus Access Points deliver a highly flexible, high performance Wi-Fi solution to address a wide variety of applications. Xirrus APs feature a unique architecture for fast reliable Wi-Fi.
Easy-to-Deploy Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Access Points
Xirrus offers the only multi-radio Wi-Fi platforms in the industry that provide high-density Wi-Fi with a superior user experience. Xirrus High Density APs reduce the amount of equipment deployed by 75% and decrease total cost of ownership by up to 50% versus competing products.
Highest Density Access Points in the Industry
Xirrus Cloud Management System (XMS-Cloud) makes it easy to deploy, configure and
manage your Wi-FI network from anywhere.
Streamline IT Operations
Gigabit Ethernet switches deliver high-speed unified access networks. Together with Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions, Xirrus Gigabit Ethernet switches deliver a high-speed unified access network that supports the most advanced and high performance applications.
Integrate Wi-Fi and Wired

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