Xirrus and CyberHound have certified each other’s solutions for interoperability, providing efficient integration, and allowing new features and functionality to be tested with each other’s products to provide a scalable, secure and highly reliable wireless infrastructure. CyberHound’s patent-pending pass-through authentication module provides single sign-on functionality for users of secure managed Xirrus wireless networks together with the ability to reliably enforce internet usage policies across all internet and Web 2.0 traffic.

Benefits include:

  • Seamless authentication for all users on a network with user and group based internet use policies applied without further authentication
  • Internet use policies include advanced web filtering technology as well as CyberHound’s unique SafeChat® social media management and moderation solution
  • CyberHound’s technology inspects all encrypted web traffic from SSL sites — a common method for staff or students to circumvent alternative filtering solutions
  • Provides complete control over all devices on the network including BYOD, iOS and Android smartphones
  • CyberHound’s proxy technology provides iOS device users with full use of the internet and applications while being managed according to organizational internet use policies
  • Provides further controls over bandwidth quota provisioning and time of day policies
  • Real-time alerting for inappropriate use of the Wi-Fi network is easily set up and a full reporting suite is available for analysis and review

Guest networks can also be seamlessly provided via a captive portal with complete control over guest internet use

  • iOS, Mac OS X and Apple Application updates and download caching for bandwidth and network optimization
  • The Xirrus — CyberHound solution links user authentication with group policies to ensure organizations can mitigate any internet or Web 2.0 risks such as inappropriate communications or web browsing, productivity loss or data leakage.

About CyberHound

CyberHound is a leading provider of innovative internet compliance, management and security solutions including real-time social media moderation and analysis. With systems deployed in more than twenty countries, CyberHound protects business, education, government and not-for-profit organizations with next generation total internet management solutions. For more information please visit