Wired Integration. Gigabit Performance.

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XR-320 – Multi-Device Wired and Wireless Connectivity

XR-320 delivers Wi-Fi connectivity to customers that want to leverage an existing cabled infrastructure. Xirrus high performance Gigabit wall access points connect directly to Cat5/Cat6 wall jacks. They are ideal for applications such as video, rich media, gaming, and latency sensitive applications like VoIP.


Designed for multi-device wired and wireless connectivity in hotel rooms, dormitories, hospital rooms, offices, and similar locations, XR-320 APs feature controllable LEDs and a paintable surface to maintain the aesthetics of a room.


  • Low cost deployment using existing in-wall cabling
  • Zero touch provisioning
  • On-premise or cloud management streamlines IT operations
  • Distributed intelligence with integrated controller for no single point of failure


Plug and play installation, zero-touch provisioning, and remote cloud-based management are some of the intelligent features XR-320 APs offer to reduce the burden on your IT staff. Includes flexible options to connect via RJ-45 or punch down blocks.


With XR-320 access points, you won’t need to add cable in the ceiling or walls. Xirrus access points are versatile enough to use existing in-wall cabling to deliver instant Wi-Fi connectivity to wired devices as well as legacy devices like POTS.


Compact design. Paintable surface. The XR-320 fits a single US or UK gang wiring box for discreet wall mounting. Paint the device to blend with the color of the room. LED lights can be turned on and off by IT to further reduce visual impact.


The XR-320 utilizes the latest 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi standards. It also offers Gigabit Ethernet wired access for high bandwidth applications such as video, games, and rich media. A single AP supports multiple Wi-Fi networks (SSIDs) and up to 256 devices.


Get advanced RF optimization with automatic channel, band, and power level selection. XR-320 APs reduce interference by recognizing various channels being used in adjacent dwellings or rooms. Then, they automatically switch to the best available channel to provide a superior user experience.


Xirrus EasyPass combines security and simplicity. Guests, visitors, and BYOD users get quick access to the Wi-Fi network. IT administrators get full visibility to track user activity and protect data. EasyPass integrates with Google’s application ecosystem so users can take advantage of secure single sign-on (SSO) to the local network.

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XR-320 Integrated wall mount wireless AP with wired switch for Gigabit speed in-room connectivity