Xirrus Revolutionizes How Managed Service Providers Deliver WaaS

Cloud-managed IT and enterprise-wide mobility usher in a new set of challenges for organizations that need to design, deploy and manage fast, reliable Wi-Fi networks. More than ever, businesses rely on outsourcing their mobility needs with Wi-Fi-as-a-Service which creates significant opportunities for MSPs to acquire new customers and expand the markets they service. Success and profitability depend on simple, reliable and cost effective service offerings that enable MSPs to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Xirrus CommandCenter radically simplifies the ability for MSPs to offer Wi-Fi-as-a-Service (WaaS) to their customers. CommandCenter, included free of charge with Xirrus Management System (XMS) for MSPs, significantly simplifies and speeds up the activation and provisioning process for new customer installations to maximize revenue generation and reduce deployment cost and overhead. MSPs can create customer accounts instantly without the need to stage customer networks prior to provisioning. This reduces time to deployment and inventory levels – learn more.

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Xirrus MSP Services And Benefits Include:

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of customer accounts and locations

  • Add new customer accounts and activate instantly

  • Drag/drop assignment of equipment to/from customer accounts

  • Built-in support and feedback tools for fast problem resolution

  • Reduced WAN traffic bandwidth with distributed AP and cloud architecture

  • Integrated EasyPass Wi-Fi access services for guests, BYOD onboarding, and personal Wi-Fi security

  • Reduced total cost of deployment for MSPs

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Xirrus-The Fastest and Now Most Secure Wi-Fi on The Planet

EasyPass Personal Wi-Fi gives every Wi-Fi user the ability to create their own secure personal network within your public Wi-Fi network, ensuring only that user — and no one else — can see their devices… and…if you can’t see the device, you don’t know it’s there. And if you don’t know it’s there…well…you get the picture.