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Xirrus offers the most scalable and flexible Wi-Fi solutions in the industry. We’ll help you build a Wi-Fi network that will last 10 years. One that can grow and adapt to meet the constantly changing and increasing demands of today’s connected, BYOD and IoT world. A platform you can manage on-premise or with powerful cloud-based network management software. Meet the demands that come with the exploding use of mobile devices. Our diverse industry experience and extensive expertise makes Xirrus the partner you can count on to transform your Wi-Fi network. Only Xirrus offers:

  • Flexible and scalable solutions for every venue from offices to auditoriums to outdoors
  • Lowest total cost of ownership with less equipment required and simplified deployment
  • Simplified access for guests, employees, BYOD and IoT devices
  • An adaptive network that can grow with your changing needs
  • Zero-touch deployment and simple-to-use cloud-based management
  • Extensible platform that easily integrates with best-in-class industry-specific solutions
The Xirrus solution lets us manage multiple networks as a single, seamless network.
Andrew Dietzel, Garden Spot

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