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Xirrus offers the only Wi-Fi solution that can grow and adapt to meet the constantly changing and increasing demands of today’s connected, BYOD world. In fact, Xirrus can help you build a 10-year Wi-Fi network. And with Xirrus’ cloud-based network management software, keeping your network humming is easy. With our broad experience and deep expertise in a wide variety of industries, Xirrus is the partner you can count on to transform your Wi-Fi network to meet the demands that come with the exploding use of mobile devices. Xirrus is the only Wi-Fi vendor that offers you:

  • Most flexible and scalable solutions – from offices to auditoriums to outdoors
  • Lowest total cost of ownership with less equipment required and simplified deployment
  • Up to 4x broader area coverage thanks to our directional antennas
  • A network that adaptable and upgradable to grow with your changing needs
  • Zero-touch deployment and simple-to-use cloud-based management
The Xirrus solution lets us manage multiple networks as a single, seamless network.
Andrew Dietzel, Garden Spot

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