The Spectralink 8000 Portfolio wireless telephones operate on converged voice and data Wi-Fi infrastructure and significantly improve employee mobility, responsiveness, and productivity. The two lines within the portfolio, PIVOT™ by Spectralink (87-Series) and Spectralink 84-Series are the market-leading, enterprise-grade Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) handsets that combine superior quality voice communication with access to critical data while on-the-go. Spectralink 8000 handsets are designed to withstand the rigors of the toughest workplace environments while providing access to critical data and all the feature functionality of a desk phone.

Xirrus has partnered with Spectralink to deliver our customers a seamless experience with our joint solution. Spectralink’s VIEW (Voice Interoperability for Enterprise Wireless) Certification provides customers with proven Wi-Fi telephony solutions using enterprise-class WLAN infrastructure products and Spectralink’s 8000 handsets. Spectralink’s comprehensive testing ensures our joint customers can be confident that Xirrus infrastructure has met the highest standards for Spectralink interoperability and performance, including superior voice quality delivered by Spectralink VQO.


At Spectralink, empowering mobile workers is the mission—with communications solutions that enable people to do their jobs better, to do them right. As the creator and expert of in-building wireless communications, Spectralink devices are built for your modern enterprise. Visit Spectralink to learn more.