Xirrus has integrated with Socifi’s cloud based analytics platform to monetize public access Wi-Fi networks. Through Socifi Media Network, public access Wi-Fi providers can generate revenue delivering highly targeted advertisements. With our joint solution you can effortlessly create new ways to engage with customers, promote your brand, provide additional products and services and create new revenue streams. Customers will get free ad-sponsored WiFi and advertisers will deliver content tailored to your customers’ interests.

Benefits include:

  • Easy to deploy turn-key ad market place
  • New revenue stream
  • New space for product promotion and advertising
  • Customer analytics

About Socifi

Free Internet is becoming the norm. We expect free WiFi access in public places. Businesses are looking for new ways how to monetize their free WiFi. At SOCIFI we have the solution. We use sophisticated technologies based on customer insight, real time bidding and the use of social media for advanced ad and product sales targeting. We enable businesses to engage and monetize customers. In two years the growth in free WiFi hotspots worldwide will be doubled. We are going to be the market leader of this wave. For more information, visit