Purple Wi-Fi

Xirrus and Purple WiFi have fully integrated in order to deliver social guest Wi-Fi and analytics to help venues monetize their WiFi investment. Perfect for high density & enterprise deployments, within sporting venues, conference centers, retail outlets, healthcare facilities and educational organizations.

Purple WiFi includes a web portal where the venue owners can see a range of detailed customer reports to gain real insights into customer behavior. To improve loyalty, boost sales, and to engage more with customers, the information collected can be used to form highly targeted email campaigns, either using the in-built tools, or by exporting the data via the API.

The social media authentication methods, not only allows the venue to collect demographic data, it also allows them to increase their social reach and to gain more Likes and Follows as users login to the guest Wi-Fi.

Benefits include:

  • Easy social login for customer — and seamless repeat connection
  • Scalable solution to suit LPVs, conference centers or stadia
  • Provides monetization via real time and action-triggered couponing
  • Detailed insights, analytics and marketing portal for venues
  • Fully customizable Splash Pages and URL redirect using a web editor
  • Allows venues to gather email address and export via an API
  • Generates social media engagement for venues
  • Xirrus integration with Purple WiFi will be available from June 2014 on XR APs and Arrays with the ArrayOS 7.0 release.

About Purple WiFi

Purple WiFi is cloud-based guest Wi-Fi software, allowing guests to access Free Wi-Fi with social media, while offering analytics and marketing opportunities in return. Purple is unique: we have a completely free product; we can operate at scale; are natively integrated with key manufacturers; we have a fast-developing, ground-breaking feature set. http://www.purplewifi.net/