Intelligent Stadium Solutions

Xirrus and Intelligent Stadium have partnered to enable venue and stadium operators unique way of delivering digital stadium experience with highly customizable branded mobile application. The joint solution provides venues and stadiums a robust and highly scalable wireless infrastructure to meet the growing demands of fans for highly interactive experience. With Intelligent Stadium solutions customers can engage with thousands of fans and visitors in real-time as soon as they enter the stadium. The possibilities to understand fans and deliver tailor made content have never been as real.

Benefits include:

  • Build brand loyalty with engaging content
  • Increase revenue per seat with interactive fan experience
  • Deliver insight into fan behavior and analytics
  • Create fan driven touch points for engagement
  • Instantly deliver digital stadium experience with customizable branded mobile application

Intelligent Stadium Solutions

Sspecializes in building and delivering unique solutions, which enable stadium and venue owners to enhance their customer’s experience.

Intelligent Stadium Solutions enables both sporting and event venues to deliver a proven interactive experience to the visitor’s device (smart phone/tablet).

Using unique wireless technology Intelligent Stadium Solutions is able to deliver customizable end user applications with high volumes interactive content regardless of the type of media to enhance fan experience and monetize public Wi-Fi.