Today’s digitally connected consumer is placing new demands on traditional brick-and-mortar locations to deliver a seamless experience across online and offline channels. To meet these new requirements, the Euclid-Xirrus solution provides physical locations such as  retail outlets, coffee shops, apparel stores, malls, fitness centers and others, with a cost-effective networking solution to streamline operations, build loyalty and gain insights into visitor behavior.

With powerful data science and an intuitive interface — and no added installation or upfront hardware costs — Euclid Analytics is the easiest to deploy and most scalable solution for Wi-Fi location analytics available in the market. By understanding consumer traffic and behaviors within physical locations, businesses can optimize marketing, operations, strategic decision-making and staffing activities. At the same time, customers benefit through efficient service and an exceptional customer experience.

Benefits include:

  • Quick and easy to deploy. The solution requires no new hardware and can be activated across hundreds of locations in a few hours.
  • Affordable and free to try. Free 60-day trial across an entire chain of stores. Minimal ongoing maintenance.
  • Both powerful and simple. Actionable dashboards tailored for your business and powered by advanced data science.

About Euclid Analytics

Euclid Analytics is the world leader in Wi-Fi location analytics. The company provides answers and insights for the physical world in the same way that web analytics does for e-commerce. By accurately analyzing visitor traffic, behavior and shopping patterns, Euclid helps the world’s leading brands design the perfect customer experience for their brick-and-mortar locations and drive better business results. Euclid’s network captures billions of measurements per day, analyzing hundreds of millions of potential shopping sessions per year across tens of thousands of locations including retail stores, quick service restaurants, airports and shopping malls. Only non-personal data is collected and only aggregated trend data is shared for analysis.

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