Bradford Networks

Xirrus and Bradford Networks have certified each other’s equipment for interoperability, providing efficient integration to provide a scalable, secure and highly reliable wireless infrastructure. Bradford Networks’ Network Sentry platform delivers complete visibility by identifying every user and device attempting to connect to the network — both wireless and wired — in addition to providing advanced capabilities such as device profiling, guest management, and policy-based access control.

Benefits include:

  • Seamless network-wide registration enables users to register once and then move freely to other managed domains, while still being tracked in the enterprise identity database
  • Network access is dynamically provisioned based on appropriate policy, access rights determined based on the identity and profile of the user/device
  • Enforces user authentication right at the access point, effectively isolating devices from the network
  • Automatically quarantine of non-compliant users, and offers self-remediation to alleviate requests to help desk and tracks security violations for compliance audits

About Bradford Networks

Bradford Networks offers the best solution to enable secure network access for corporate issued and personal mobile devices. The company’s flexible platform is the first network security offering that can automatically identify and profile all devices and all users on a network, providing complete visibility and control. Unlike vendor-specific network security products, Bradford Networks provides a view across all brands of network equipment and connecting devices eliminating the network blind spots that can introduce risk. For more information visit WWW.BRADFORDNETWORKS.COM.