Knowing that your personal information—name, address, phone numbers, and more—might cross international borders can be a bit anxiety-provoking. Recognizing this, back in the late ‘90s the European Union stepped up protection of citizen privacy by prohibiting companies from transferring personal information to any country outside the EU—unless the countries met certain standards.

The US and EU approach privacy in different ways. So, to bridge the gap, the US Department of Commerce in 2000 developed the Safe Harbor framework, with guidance from the EU. Safe Harbor is a voluntary certification program for US companies that export and handle the personal data of European citizens. IT companies, like Xirrus, sometimes handle personal data for our European customers, partner, vendors, and website visitors.

Xirrus is proud to be Safe Harbor-certified. This means that a third party validated our compliance with seven principles. These are: explaining how personal information will be used, offering an opt-out option, meeting special requirements for transferring data to a third party, taking security measures to prevent data loss, assuring that personal data will be used as the person intended, giving people access to their own information, and being accountable.

To earn certification, we underwent a rigorous certification process—so rigorous that leading Wi-Fi vendors that aren’t certified include Aerohive, Aruba, Meru, and Ruckus.

We recertify every 12 months. It’s part of our commitment to respecting our customers’ privacy.
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