There are 5 billion Wi-Fi devices worldwide today. That will grow to 25 billion by 2020. The resulting surge in density and demand threatens to harm performance for networks in every industry – unless organizations respond with adaptive solutions tailored to highly dense environments.

Wi-Fi data usages doubles at conferences every year. College students have 6.8 Wi-Fi devices each. At Morehouse college, students use 22TB of data per week and 50% is used for streaming media.

Your Wi-Fi density problem is here and Xirrus has the only solution. Xirrus is the preferred solution for top convention centers and the required solution for blue chip company events. Worldwide sporting events choose Xirrus because we have the only location based services that track hundreds of thousands of devices.

Xirrus is the answer. Watch the video.

Xirrus high-density solutions were engineered specifically to perform in the toughest high-density environments, and Xirrus offers the most powerful solution of the bunch.

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