Local and National Government

Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions can be found deployed across a wide range of DOD, INTEL and Civilian Agencies. Our modular, software-defined, multi-radio platforms resonate with Federal Agency requirements for a highly scalable Wi-Fi solution that is easy to use and manage. Trade Agreement Act (TAA) Compliant and Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) certified products are offered specifically for the government sector.

  • Affordability from up to 75% less cabling and equipment than other Wi-Fi solutions
  • Robust multi-level security provisions that meet Federal requirements
  • Cloud-managed Wi-Fi that ensures simple deployment and application control
  • Software defined radios that allow network flexibility to grow and add capacity as Wi-Fi needs increase


When budgets contract, increased workforce mobility can reduce the need for fixed office space and its associated costs. A robust and reliable Wi-Fi network gives employees the ability to conduct business and access files and applications from remote locations within a building or campus. Xirrus provides ideal solutions for outdoor municipal Wi-Fi and Smart City initiatives, offering a more efficient method of inventory management, video surveillance, and asset tracking.


Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions are managed by Xirrus Management System (XMS), a powerful platform that simplifies IT operations with single console control. Designed with the latest cutting-edge web technologies, XMS provides a future-ready platform able to meet the demands of multi-site state government networks. Our solutions incorporate robust security and are engineered for no single-point-of-failure, ensuring system resiliency for mission-critical applications. Xirrus management solutions include a choice of Software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premise virtual solutions.


Protecting data is critical to national infrastructure. Xirrus’ Cloud architecture features multi-level security to ensure privacy of data and protection from external threats. Most security vulnerabilities are exploited through endpoint devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making access and user authentication the first line of defense. Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions mitigate risk and help safeguard assets through industry leading security that includes multi-tenancy, encrypted communications, and physical data separation.


Build a superior wireless network at an affordable price. Xirrus APs provide industry-leading performance with a platform that can be easily integrated with your existing network infrastructure to save you money on equipment. APs can be upgraded and repurposed to meet your specific requirements.


Plug-and-play deployment along with zero-touch configuration ensures that even non-technical users can set up secure, reliable Wi-Fi service in minutes. For special circumstances, rapid deployment kits (RDKs) enable high performance Wi-Fi networks to be set up quickly for emergency communications management.


Xirrus simplifies IT operations with a powerful suite of easy to use tools and value-added network services. Administration of the Wi-Fi is achieved with your choice of on-premise or cloud-based Xirrus Management System (XMS).


Even in remote outdoor locations, Xirrus Outdoor APs provide seamless Wi-Fi to service a range of applications, including visitor access, parks, point-of-sale systems, video surveillance, industrial monitoring, Wi-Fi bridging, and more. With a selection of different external antennas, Xirrus provides the flexibility to meet any coverage need.


The ability to process instantaneous location data for tens of thousands of Wi-Fi devices at once opens the door to a range of service applications for citizens. Museums can deliver audio narrative by exhibit. Conference goers can be served itineraries. Visitors can be sent directions to city landmarks.

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Right Sized Wi-Fi For Every Use

XR-320 NEWX2 XR-600 XD4 XA4 XR-2000 XR-4000
Model XR-320 X2 XR-600 XD2 XD4 XA4 XR-2000 XR-4000
Max Number of Radios 2 2 2 2 4 4 (external antennas) 4 8
Technology 2x2 11ac Wave1 2x2 11ac Wave1 2x2 or 3x3 11ac Wave1 4x4 11ac Wave 2 8 stream MU-MIMO 3x3 11ac Wave 1 or 4x4 11ac Wave 2 16 stream MU-MIMO 4x4 11ac Wave 2 16 stream MU-MIMO 2x2 11ac Wave 1 or 3x3 11ac Wave 1 or 4x4 11ac Wave 2 2x2 11ac Wave 1 or 3x3 11ac Wave 1 or 4x4 11ac Wave 2
Technology Upgradable NA NA NA NA NA NA 11ac Wave 2 11ac Wave 2
TurboXpress (all radios 11ac) NA NA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Controller Integrated Integrated Integrated Integrated Integrated Integrated Integrated Integrated
Uplinks 1 – 1GigE 1 – 1GigE 2 – 1 GigE 2 – 1 GigE 2 – 1GigE / 1-1GigE + 1-2.5GigE 1 - 1GigE + 1 -2.5GigE 2 – 1 GigE 2 – 1 GigE
Example Uses Hotels / Dorms / Hospitals / Offices Offices / Hotels / Classrooms / Retail Offices / Classrooms / Hospitals / Retail Dense Offices / Classrooms / Hospitals Dense Offices / Classrooms / Conf Rooms Convention Centers / Transportation / Arenas Dense Offices / Classrooms / Conf Rooms Libraries / Auditoriums / Conventions