Christmas and New Year’s are around the corner, and while it really is the most wonderful time of the year, we all have some big considerations to make before we get to enjoy the full delight of the holidays. For instance, should you go home for Christmas or have the family come to you? What presents should I choose for everyone? Should Uncle Jesse still come over after last year’s debacle with the Christmas tree?

These are all compelling and legitimate questions to ask yourself, but here’s a question I bet you haven’t thought of: with the new year approaching, can my enterprise network handle all of the newly introduced Wi-Fi devices that will hit it in 2017?

It seems like kind of a downer to ask such a question during the holidays, but think about it – you are about to experience a lot of communing with nosy siblings, overly-hyper children, that cousin that just won’t stop tweeting, and oh yes, the nagging parents. Do you really want the prospect of a poorly deployed Wi-Fi system at work stressing you out more? Like it or not, it makes sense to contemplate your enterprise network’s performance now, and consider whether or not it will degrade as more and more devices attempt to access your connection in the months and years to come.

If you start making Wi-Fi plans for the new year now, you’ll find it that much easier to truly relax during the holiday…crazy relatives and all! To help you out, here are three Wi-Fi devices that can alleviate your post-2016 network woes:

  • The value-priced Xirrus X2 11ac AP– The X2 access point (AP) solves the challenges faced by businesses with a BYOD workforce, empowering your team to stay wirelessly connected on multiple devices at all times.  The X2 delivers cloud-managed Wi-Fi that’s affordable, fast and reliable, making it ideal for small-to-medium enterprises as well as the hospitality and education markets.
  • The multi-purpose Xirrus XR-620 11ac AP– The XR-620 AP addresses a wide range of wireless use cases where both cost and performance are important considerations. It provides unique flexibility through software programmable radios that enable 2.4GHz or 5GHz operation at 802.11n and 802.11ac speeds on both radios. Dual radio 11ac operation allows the XR-620 to deliver 30% greater 11ac performance compared to most other 11ac access points on the market today, which remain limited to only one 11ac radio due to their fixed configuration.
  • The high-density modular Xirrus XR-2436 11ac Wave 1 / 2 AP– Upgrading to new usage requirements has never been easier, thanks to Xirrus’s 2000 series of high-density modular access points. XR-2000 APs offer an adaptive, future-proof design, delivering high powered performance with two or four modular radios, a wireless controller, firewall, and threat sensor built right into the device.  Our modular design and industry-leading features reduce your network’s total cost of ownership. And installation is easily customized with deployment kits, enclosures, and mounting options, so you can build the system that works best for you. Choose from three configurations to create your optimal enterprise network:
  • 2×2 Wave 1 (867 Mbps)
  • 3×3 Wave 1 (1.3 Gbps)
  • 4×4 Wave 2 (3.47 Gbps)

No one can quite predict where Wi-Fi will take us. But if the last few years are any indication, 2017 looks poised to hit enterprise networks with more devices, more connections and more traffic than ever. With the right planning and some help from the latest Wi-Fi devices, you can ensure your network stays strong throughout the new year and beyond. Now that’s a reason for holiday cheer!