Xirrus customers include some of the best-known global companies and recognized brand names. Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions are deployed in tens of thousands of networks and we have hundreds of thousands of cloud instances.  

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Corpus Christi College

quotes-l2Teachers, students and staff know they can depend on Xirrus Wi-Fi in the classroom. It
just works.”

– David Moyle, IT Technical Administrator

Schilling Graphics

quotes-l2With Xirrus we can change out the radios as Wi-Fi standards evolve, cutting costs. The
experience is excellent. Management is simple. And if we have a question or problem, we
know we can count on Xirrus to solve it.

– Matt Boehm, Network and Systems Administrator


eir Business Delivers Ultra-Fast Xirrus Wi-Fi with Advantage Wi-Fi Service

quotes-l2Businesses like self-service management — but only if it’s simple. In that regard XMS Cloud is head and shoulders above the other web management portals we evaluated.”

– Paul Mulqueen, Head of Product


Skaggs Catholic Center

quotes-l2Xirrus Wi-Fi is an enabler for blended online courses. Teachers can confidently administer online quizzes because they know that all students can connect at the same time with a
good experience.

– Jim Duane, Director of Educational Resources


Ole Miss

quotes-l2With 820 Wi-Fi APs inside the stadium, Thompson said the “Rebel Wi-Fi” network is “absolutely a
state of the art system,” supporting “tens of thousands” of fans concurrently on the network
during football games.

-Paul Kapustka, Stadium Tech Report Dec 2015


Morehouse College

quotes-l2They (Xirrus) are state of the art leaders in wireless technology.

-Clifford Russell, Morehouse College

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Morehouse College


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