From HDTVs and smartphones to self-driving cars and drone-mounted cameras, all of us have witnessed first-hand how technology advancements continuously push the bar upward on what we can accomplish. Wi-Fi is no different, and as we have seen over the past 17 years since the technology’s inception, Wi-Fi’s capabilities have literally advanced exponentially.

No recent breakthrough demonstrates this more powerfully than 802.11ac Wave 2, the latest and greatest iteration of Wi-Fi. As the fastest wireless standard yet, Wave 2 delivers maximum speeds of several gigabits per second, along with new functionality that, for the first time, allows multiple clients to communicate simultaneously. With these valuable new capabilities now available, you will probably find yourself considering Wave 2 if you need to upgrade your existing wireless infrastructure or deploy Wi-Fi in new spaces. Most companies expect their Wi-Fi networks to last five years or more, so buying the most recent technology helps ensure the best return on investment for a major purchase like this.

Xirrus announced its first Wave 2 products in 2015. Now, in 2016, the company has expanded those offerings to provide the most comprehensive family of Wi-Fi solutions in the industry. As Wave 2 reaches mainstream status, you now have the ability to deploy an all-Wave 2 network in the adaptive, scalable, and cost-effective style Xirrus has become renowned for, with APs that support between 2-8 radios based on your density of users.

Take the new XD4-240 access point, which supports four Wave 2 radios. In contrast, most competitive Wave 2 APs support just one Wave 2 radio, as well as one legacy 802.11n radio. This means a single XD4-240 can replace four standard Wave 2 APs for an equipment savings of 75%. The price point of the XD4-240 puts the cost per Wave 2 radio at less than half that of standard APs, representing significant savings on hardware and deployment.

But hold on…there’s more. Our new XR-4836-WAVE2 AP provides eight Wave 2 radios, replacing eight standard Wave 2 APs for an impressive equipment savings of 88%! Targeted at very high density scenarios, the XR-4836-WAVE2 represents the highest density Wi-Fi access point on the market. While you might think this would come with a high price point, the cost per Wave 2 radio and total cost of ownership is even lower than the XD4-240. More radios per AP means fewer APs to deploy in total. And that means fewer cables, fewer switch ports, shorter installation time and lower power consumption, which cuts down install and operation costs even further.

Following its history of producing innovative Wi-Fi solutions, Xirrus continues to push technology forward and set new precedents for what Wi-Fi can accomplish. Our truly unique and high-value Wave 2 solutions provide unmistakable benefits to anyone deploying an enterprise Wi-Fi network. Check them out here to learn more.