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St. Bede’s College

With the Xirrus network, administrators and campus safety personnel anywhere on campus can use their iPhones to view real-time and recorded video from more than 40 video surveillance cameras." - David Cracknell, Deputy Principal for ICT and Infrastructure  

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Subpar Networks Exposed By Apple’s Wi-Fi Assist

By now you probably know that on September 16, Apple released its long-awaited iOS 9 update. Who knows - maybe you’ve already made the switch! As with past updates, most of the features on iOS 9 range from the conventional and expected to the super cool and unheard-of. One of [...]

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The Wi-Fi worked as well, if not better, than plugging into my Ethernet back in the office. -David Callander, VP of Sales, iRates

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Atlanta Christian School

Xirrus is more than a vendor, they are a partner. Our network will grow with us for years. -Dave Bennett, Director of Technology

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Millis Public Schools

We support 120 devices with one Xirrus device. The competitors' solutions required an access point in every classroom. -Grace Magley, Director of Technology    

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Newcastle Grammar

With the Wi-Fi that replaced our 18 year old network, we stream video in class and support labs. -Phil Hale, IT Manager

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