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The Insecurities That Haunt Public Wi-Fi

It’s no surprise to anyone that Wi-Fi use continues to grow. However, what is hard to believe is that there are so few public Wi-Fi networks capable of serving our needs outside of the home securely—particularly when you consider that as of today, nearly everyone owns a smart phone, 91% [...]

By | June 25th, 2015|

10 Tips For Quality Wi-Fi – Tip #2: Understand the Clients

As I mentioned before, not all Wi-Fi clients are created equal. There’s a major difference between the use case of a laptop, for example, and that of a new Apple Watch. This results in a big distinction between their Wi-Fi capabilities. Why Does This Matter? Even just a few years [...]

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New products of the week: EasyPass

EasyPass is a suite of services that manage mobile device connections to Wi-Fi networks with minimal IT involvement, streamlining device onboarding for users and requires five fewer steps than before.

By | June 23rd, 2015|

Xirrus launched SaaS solution for complete control over Wi-Fi

Wireless networks provider Xirrus has released EasyPass, a suite of services that manage mobile device connection to Wi-Fi networks. EasyPass streamlines device onboarding for employees and guests and requires up to five fewer steps than before, Xirrus explains in a statement. 

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Breathe New Life into Your WLAN

WLANs are reaching maturity after quietly giving users steadily improving wireless access for years. But the pace of technological innovation is leaving some WLANs a little behind the times. New innovations promise to get enterprise Wi-Fi back up to speed through improved wireless performance, and administrators who adjust their approach [...]

By | June 19th, 2015|

The Xirrus Xcellerate Worldwide Roadshow | An Exciting and Rewarding Time for Existing and Prospective Partners

Those aligned with the WLAN space will know that we operate in an exciting time. Whilst the industry experiences rapidly growing customer and partner demand, we’re also witnessing consolidation within the marketplace. This marks a crucial opportunity to provide cutting edge technology to customers that understand that ‘good-enough’ Wi-Fi no [...]

By | June 18th, 2015|

Spotlight: Xirrus streamlines Wi-Fi access with EasyPass

Xirrus launched on Tuesday its EasyPass suite of services that manages mobile device connections to Wi-Fi networks with minimal IT involvement, making it easier for BYOD users and Internet of Things devices to connect. The EasyPass suite includes three modules: onboarding for known users, guest for unknown users to self-register, [...]

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BYOD, MDM streamlined with Xirrus Wi-Fi

Xirrus is making device onboarding and Wi-Fi security a little easier for users and IT teams. The Wi-Fi vendor this week introduced EasyPass, a set of mobile device management (MDM) and guest security services for cloud-managed Wi-Fi networks.

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