A Better Wi-Fi Solution

Xirrus’ innovations in Wi-Fi hardware and software uniquely solve the challenges of ever-growing, ever-evolving Wi-Fi network demands. Xirrus offers the only modular, dual-band, multi-radio platform that features powerful application control, is highly scalable, future proof and easy to use.

Xirrus solutions deliver:

  • Affordability with up to 75% less cabling and equipment than other Wi-Fi solutions
  • Unprecedented reliability and performance
  • Cloud-managed Wi-Fi that ensures simple deployment and application control
  • Flexibility to grow and add capacity as Wi-Fi needs increase by simply snapping in additional radios

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Innovative Technology Architecture

When you choose Xirrus you can count on robust Wi-Fi connectivity, thanks to our powerful distributed architecture and integrated controller. And the Xirrus platform makes it easy to adapt to the exponential growth of devices and applications on your Wi-Fi network.

  • Distributed architecture increases reliability by eliminating centralized performance bottlenecks and single points of failure
  • Integrated controller with powerful multi-core processors delivers Gibabit WLAN line speed processing
  • Modular design extends the life of your Wi-Fi investment across multiple technology transitions

The Xirrus platform combines powerful hardware and software into an easy to use solution that delivers the best value and performance in the industry.

  • ACExpress – Automatically segregate clients based on capability to deliver the best performance for each client
  • Software Programmable Radios – Upgrade the Wi-Fi network to 802.11ac with a mouse click
  • Bonjour Gateway – Simplify implementing Apple Bonjour services across the network
  • Honeypot – Optimize RF spectrum by automatically suppressing chatty clients
  • RF Optimization – Simplify IT operations with auto-configuring network
  • Security – Robust security with multi-layer protection from the physical to the application layer
  • Rest API – Extensible platform built on a standards based programming interface


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