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Wireless is taking over the enterprise

The evolution of Wi-Fi continues, delivering increased performance, security, and reliability for the modern workforce - from tablets to smartphones, from workers to students, mobility is quickly becoming the preferred choice for connecting to the network and Internet.

The future of wireless

Designed initially with a very narrow scope - Wi-Fi has grown to conquer both enterprise and the consumer electronics markets, by incrementally expanding its role, improving performance and security, adding new functionality, and supporting a wider range of devices and applications.

The increasing reliance on wireless communications is creating an increased sense of urgency in the enterprise to expand and deepen the Wi-Fi footprint, and improve its reliability and resiliency, as it provides the preferred wireless access technology. Proper planning for coverage, bandwidth, and capacity will be critical for organizations increasingly depending on wireless as the primary means of network access.

Understanding the trends

To better understand the pressures being placed on wireless networks due to the explosion of mobile devices and applications, Xirrus commissioned a report to examine "the future of Wi-Fi in the enterprise" by GigaOM Pro and is now available for free download here.