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Protect Your Network

When it comes to security, Xirrus has you covered. Xirrus’ multi-layer approach to security lets you identify and classify users and their devices, control their access to the network, encrypt data transmissions, monitor your environment for threats, control applications and much more. The Xirrus solution distributes security processing to the network edge in the access point, instead of a centralized controller, to ensure reliable performance and maximum security. Here’s how Xirrus delivers secure mobility:

  • Dedicated 24/7 threat sensor radio that automatically scans and mitigates threats
  • Integrated guest portal to securely onboard guests and BYOD users
  • Complete user authentication options including 802.1x, PSK, MAC ACL’s and captive portal
  • Comprehensive application visibility and control at the network edge


FN Manufacturing

With just a few high density AP's our Wi-Fi was better everywhere, from offices to loading docks.
Ed Bennincasa, Vice President MIS

To comply with U.S. Department of Defense regulations, a reliable Wi-Fi network for critical business apps was needed. XIrrus delivered.

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Tire Rack

The speed and performance is simply astounding. The entire system took just minutes to install and configure.
Jean Roberson, CIO

The online marketing team needed Wi-Fi that supported intensive apps and huge media-rich file transfers. Xirrus delivered.

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Nord Anglia Education

Now we have reliable, secure Wi-Fi that allows us to control student access.
David Kibble, Group IT Director

Nord Anglia needed to support 10,000 students and 3,000 teachers with high performance Wi-Fi networks in three countries. Xirrus delivered.

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