Highest Density Access Points in the Industry

Xirrus offers the only multi-radio Wi-Fi platforms in the industry that provide high-density Wi-Fi with a superior user experience.Xirrus High Density APs reduce the amount of equipment deployed by 75 percent and decrease total cost of ownership by up to 50 percent versus competing products.

Xirrus High Density APs feature TurboXpress, a powerful network service that enables administrators to configure every radio on the AP for high-speed 802.11ac operation, with the click of a mouse, providing an instant Wi-Fi performance boost of up to 6x. The TurboXpress feature means that the Xirrus XD AP is the only solution in the industry that can add wireless capacity instantaneously without adding APs. In addition, TurboXpress provides unprecedented investment protection by enabling the ability to instantly adapt the Wi-Fi network to address the ever-changing needs.

All Xirrus APs can easily be managed from anywhere with cloud-hosted XMS-C network management or our on-premise XMS-Enterprise offering. Xirrus integrates Application Control in every AP to provide complete visibility and capability to prioritize business-critical applications across the entire network. Hardened high density APs simplify Wi-Fi deployments in the most demanding outdoor environments.


  • Superior user experience even in high density environments
  • Instant 6X performance boost with TurboXpress
  • Consistent Wi-Fi performance with Application Control
  • Streamline IT operations with Cloud Management

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