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Customize Your Wi-Fi Solution

  • Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK)
    When you need a temporary Wi-Fi network and need it now, Xirrus has the best solution for you. Maybe you are hosting a special outdoor event, a sports tournament, or conducting online testing for a week. Or, maybe disaster has struck and you need a temporary Wi-Fi network for emergency response. With the Xirrus RDK, you get out-of-the-box capability to deploy a fully functional, temporary indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi network. All you need is an AC power source and Internet connection to get your Wi-Fi up and running for hundreds of user in under 5 minutes.
  • Enclosures and mountings
    Wi-Fi equipment is installed in all types of locations and physical environments — indoors, outdoors, industrial areas, secure locations, in the ceiling, on a wall, under a desk, and more. Xirrus provides a wide range of options to conceal, secure and protect your APs with enclosures, mounting brackets, I-beam kits, and protective covers.
  • Power Options
    All Xirrus APs and High-density APs can be powered over standard Cat 5E/6 cabling using a range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) options. PoE provides a simple, low cost means to remotely power Xirrus products in-line with the device’s Ethernet data connection, along with the flexibility to remotely control the APs power using managed injectors.


Microsoft Events

Microsoft needed a network that supported a growing number of wireless devices and applications. Xirrus delivered.

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Gaylord Palms

We provided the best Wi-Fi experience as it was consistent with our image and adds immeasurable value for our guests.
Elena Ciobotaru, Network Specialist

Comprehensive, intelligent coverage with few access points was required to provide an excellent guest experience. Xirrus Delivered.

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