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With Xirrus Wi-Fi, we pursue new methods of teaching without worrying if the infrastructure can handle it.
Bailey Mitchell, CTO and CIO
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Common Core

Download this free guide to learn key considerations for supporting Common Core testing over wireless in your school.

The time has come for great Wi-Fi

As you gear up to support the testing, make absolute sure your infrastructure is up to the task.

The Key Challenges

New testing requirements introduce new challenges:

  • Wireless network that will handle the load
  • Enough computers or tablets to run the tests
  • Costs for testing devices, network equipment
  • Managing it all

The Xirrus Solution

Wireless that delivers the capacity to ensure uninterrupted testing:

  • Wireless APs and High-Density AP’s – multi-radio wireless that scales
  • Application Control – prioritize testing over everything else
  • Rapid Deployment Kits – portable mounting to simplify set up
  • Xirrus Management System – powerful central management

Just one Xirrus High-Density AP can service a computer lab or multiple classrooms of students testing at one time. And less equipment reduces costs. Our Common Core test kit is portable, easy to set up, and simple to use.

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Monte Vista Christian School

To meet its technology goals, Monte Vista needed a Wi-Fi network that covered its 103 acre campus. Xirrus delivered.

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