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5 Tips For Using Public Wi-Fi Securely

The convenience, ease of use, and speed of wireless connectivity have made publicly accessible Wi-Fi networks a basic requirement for working professionals. The odd thing is that these same responsible professionals -- and the companies that employ them -- make so little of the risks of public networks. The vast [...]

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How to Stay Secure on Public Wi-Fi

It’s no surprise to anyone that Wi-Fi use continues to grow. However, what is hard to believe is that there are so few public Wi-Fi networks capable of serving our needs outside of the home securely - particularly when you consider that as of today, nearly everyone owns a smart phone, 91% [...]

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The 2015 Tech Innovator Awards

EasyPass Personal Wi-Fi, a free feature included in all of Xirrus' cloud managed networks, safeguards users and their data when accessing public Wi-Fi, guest networks and hot-spot environments. Xirrus addresses the security concerns commonly associated with connecting to these networks, and makes secure personal Wi-Fi a reality. 

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Content And Data Fuel B2B Inbound Marketing Strategies

Industry experts report that B2B marketers are tackling their inbound marketing initiatives with the help of relevant, contextual content to provide B2B buyers the information they need to move along their buying journey. Ultimately, these data-driven clues position B2B sales teams with leads that are most likely to convert.

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Halloween Wi-Fi Top Trumps

Perry Correll, Chief Technologist at Xirrus, takes a light-hearted look at four of the scariest Halloween beasts and offers a little bit of Wi-Fi magic to keep them in check…

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How to Survive a Horror Movie (or a Day at Work) with Wi-Fi

It's that time of year again, when ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties go bump in the night! For most of us, though, it can seem like we're in a horror movie all year long – one where masked madmen, ghosts, and demons come crawling out of our mobile devices [...]

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Ruckus Acquires Cloudpath Networks For Secure Wi-Fi Onboarding

Ruckus Wireless is adding new Wi-Fi onboarding software to its product portfolio through the acquisition of Cloudpath Networks. And with the acquisition, Ruckus has added Cloudpath's certificate-based Wi-Fi security and onboarding capabilities to its Smart Wi-Fi products.

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Back to The Future Day: 7 Pieces of Technology The Films Correctly Predicted

It's October 21st 2015 - the day that Marty and Doc travelled to in Back to the Future II - so we now have flying cars, instant-cook ovens and dog-walking collars, right? Er... maybe not quite. However, the films did make a lot of correct predictions. Here's what security and storage [...]

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Xirrus Expands Guest WiFi With EasyPass

Public and Guest WiFi networks are pervasive around the world, and their risks are, too. A single rogue user on a regular public or guest WiFi network in many cases can pivot and attack others on the same network. Xirrus is now introducing a new approach, called EasyPass, which provides [...]