iPhone 6 Delivers on Speed, Means More Traffic for WLANs

By Bruce Miller | October 03, 2014
The recent launch of the iPhone 6 has proven to be Apple@s biggest for the line with 4 million preordered, 10 million purchased the first weekend, and up to 100 million expected to ship in the first 6 months. This is on top of an installed based of over half a billion of iOS devices already out there.

Preparing Your Wi-Fi for Apple’s Latest

By Bruce Miller | September 08, 2014
As consumers, announcements about new smartphone and tablet releases can be exciting. But as a network admin, it can be a forbearer to major headaches. In particular, when Apple makes an announcement about a new mobile device, you can be sure that two things will happen: 1) there will soon be a flood of new devices on your wireless network with new features and characteristics, and 2) a...

Spring: The Season for Sports…and IT Bandwidth Crunch

The spring months of March, April and May bring a break in the cold weather, a busy tradeshow season…and sports. Lots of sports. For many, NCAA basketball and the start of Major League Baseball means hours upon hours of entertainment after work and on the weekends. But this spring, it is easier than ever to access sports content via mobile devices. And for IT departments everywhere...

The Power of Programmable

33 and 70 @ two numbers to remember from this post, but first some background.

Recap: Xirrus at Wireless Field Day #WFD6

Xirrus was at Wireless Field Day 6 #wfd6 yesterday in San Jose. It is a forum like no other with the opportunity to geek out and dive into technology. The format for the event is an interactive presentation to a set of delegates from the wireless industry with live social media dialog and a live video stream over the Internet. Dirk Gates (our Founder/Exec Chairman), Avi Hartenstein (our...

Wireless wastage: the state of play in UK schools

By Bruce Miller | January 22, 2014
Since Apple launched the iPad in 2010 the use of technology in the classroom has garnered a lot of attention, especially with an increasing number of children having access to these devices at home.

Interference Mitigation within the Xirrus Array

How RF interference is handled within the Xirrus Array became the topic du jour at Wireless Tech Field Day 5 last week in San Jose (check out the videos at http://techfieldday.com/sponsor//xirrus/). Given the discussions, we would like to spend some more time on this topic (excuse the length of this post). It@s not an uncommon request when people are trying to understand the Xirrus product. ...

Coverage vs. Capacity

Five years is a lifetime in @Wi-Fi years@. Back then most users had one Wi-Fi capable device - a laptop. And often that laptop would plug into Ethernet when actually in use in the office or home. Fast-forward to today and it is an entirely different world. Most users have 2-3 Wi-Fi devices and often even more, with smartphones and tablets leading the Bring-Your-Own-Device paradigm. Plus we have...

Dynamic Frequency Selection

DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) is a technology used in Wi-Fi to automatically switch radio channels @ in particular, it is used to avoid interference with radar signals detected in the 5GHz band. It is part of the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard and is implemented today in enterprise wireless gear.

Wi-Fi That Just Works

For most, wireless service has the built in perception that it may not work everywhere, all the time. This goes for mobile phone services as well as Wi-Fi networks.

Scale Your Wireless for 100’s or 1000’s of Users

When I give presentations on Wi-Fi technology in front of a live audience, I usually do an informal poll about recent experiences people have had with Wi-Fi service. Was it positive/neutral or negative during their most recent hotel stay, their most recent convention/trade show, and where they work. Invariably, the audience responds polar opposite for the first two categories compared to the...

iPads in Patient Care

By Bruce Miller | May 24, 2012
Looking at the ways wireless technology is used across different industry segments, it would be fair to say that its application in healthcare is probably the most varied, dynamic, and therefore interesting. From voice communication with Wi-Fi phones and pagers, to asset tracking via Wi-Fi tags, to patient monitoring systems, to bedside patient information retrieval, to distribution of large X...

Introduction to Bruce Miller, Blogger

Hello, this is Bruce Miller and I am VP of Product Marketing here at Xirrus. As a contributor to the Xirrus blog, I will start by telling you a bit about me. I have been in the networking and communications industry for over 20 years in marketing, business development, and engineering roles.