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august, 2015

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10 Tips for Quality Wi-Fi – Tip #10: Build Your Wi-Fi Checklist

We’ve debunked bad advice, examined problem areas, and determined the smartest fixes, all in an effort to uncover the basics of quality Wi-Fi. You’ve done your homework. Now it’s time to choose your solution.

The following checklist will help you carry out your due diligence as […]

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Xirrus X2: Low Cost, No Compromise

When I speak with customers, I’m constantly hearing that Wi-Fi is essential to their business. Nearly everyone is moving to wireless as the primary means to connect. And wired connections are becoming foreign to those who grew up in a mobile world. I can only […]

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Welcome to Wave 2

Today Xirrus introduced our new Wave 2 802.11ac solutions to the marketplace. “Wave 2” is the industry term for the latest, greatest Wi-Fi technology. And 2015 is the year Wave 2 begins its arrival into the enterprise, representing the seventh generation of Wi-Fi to be […]

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Gamification: Level 1 | Why We’re all Players

In an all-Wireless World are you #Winning?

When I think of the word, gamification, I imagine a retro-pixelated world of surrealism, or an ultra-futuristic landscape of lasers…but maybe that’s just me.

The sheer proliferation and pervasion of mobile devices and wearables is undeniable. In fact, it was […]

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10 Tips for Quality Wi-Fi – Tip #9: Future Proof Today

Wi-Fi has come into its own as a crucial communication platform for our mobile world. And as that trend intensifies, the one thing you can count on is that wireless technology will never stop evolving. The use of tablets, smartphones and other Wi-Fi capable devices […]

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10 Tips for Quality Wi-Fi – Tip #8: Keep Your Signal Strong

In the wired world, signal distance and data rates are fully defined by whatever data link standard you’re using (Ethernet, for example). But because of its sensitivity to external conditions, wireless communication doesn’t play by the same rules.

Variables such as RF interference, contrasting network technologies […]

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Wi-Fi Wars: Our Response to the Ruckus CARNet Test

Back in May, Ruckus launched a competitive salvo with an announcement that their APs outperformed products from seven other vendors, including Xirrus, in testing by CARNet. Now, some customers are asking whether these results are valid, and how we respond to them.

It’s worth emphasizing that […]

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10 Tips for Quality Wi-Fi – Tip #7: Distinguish Quality of Service from Quality of Experience

If your goal is to provide a superior Wi-Fi network, another critical step is to navigate the difference between Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE). In the QoS framework you apply networking protocols that define how your equipment handles different types of […]

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10 Tips for Quality Wi-Fi – Tip #6: Client Segmentation = Network Optimization

When it comes to the sheer number of devices using the airwaves, it’s clear that the current flood of tablets, inexpensive laptops and Wi-Fi enabled smartphones will not be ebbing anytime soon. And as BYOD encroaches into all markets, IT administrators have quickly realized there’s […]

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“Where the Wires End”: Consumer Opinions and Habits on Wi-Fi Usage

If you’ve been to a Starbucks or your local mall lately, you won’t be surprised to learn that 76% of people connect to Wi-Fi outside their home on a regular basis. That’s among the results of the Xirrus Where the Wires End Survey, released earlier […]

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