Tablets and smartphone proliferation are having a profound impact on corporate networks. How can you prepare your network for the onslaught?

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Emergency Response

The flag goes up, the horn goes off or the Emergency Notification System is activated, in all cases a major event is expected or has occurred and first responders are being deployed. However with today’s infrastructure focused networking, the question is will they have the communication tools required to meet the challenges they will face.

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Wireless Security

With the influx of tablets, smartphones, and the BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon, wireless is quickly becoming the new norm for network connectivity. The days of network security being dependent on a directory server profile are over.

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Mobile voice solutions offer numerous benefits to companies. The “always availability” of employees increases productivity and makes communication more efficient.

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Location Services

While it is important to know ‘who’ and ‘what’ are using your network, wireless can make the ‘where’ a very valuable resource.